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The Hollopeter Family Record

The Hollopeter Family Record, by Eva Hollopeter Ridenouer and Wanda Hollopeter Burris, (1958) in HTML format.
I am still in the process of putting the entire book online. If you have any updated information you would like added, or find any mistakes, please let me know (email me at the address below). If you find mistakes, please tell me if they are mistakes I have made transferring the THFR book to the online version, or if the mistakes were present in the THFR book.

Outlined list of Descendants of Matthias Hollopeter. This is a very long list of hundreds of descendants, many with dates of birth and death. It is believed that all persons with the name Hollopeter are descended from Matthias. Many other family names are included. I hope to add a search feature in the future.

Researchers of the Hollopeter name.  E-mail addresses of other Hollopeter genealogy researchers. If you would like to have your e-mail address here as an aid to contacting and being contacted by other Hollopeter researchers, email me at the address at the bottom of this page. Enclose your branch of research, and any other information you would like to pass along.

Hollopeter Reunions. A list of Hollopeter Family Reunions. I must have permission from the organizers of your reunion to add it to this page.

Help these researchers join their family tree to Matthias Hollopeter. If you have information, or know of someone who can link these lost branches to the Hollopeter family tree in the book "The Hollopeter Family Record , please email me so I can pass along the information.

Trivia about the Hollopeter name. Information here has been supplied by our "cousins" on the Internet. Do you have some information to share? If so, email me, and state whether you want an acknowledgment for your input.

The Hollopeter E-Mail List:

HOLLOPETER-L  - The Hollopeter mailing list for Hollopeter researchers. (If you are reading this, you probably want to subscribe!) Maintained by Dawnette Thompson. To subscribe, send an e-mail to: HOLLOPETER-L with just the word subscribe in the body of the message. If you need help, e-mail: Dawnette Thompson

Usenet Genealogy Newsgroups:

Usenet - soc.genealogy.surnames - Surname queries & tafels. (Moderated)

Usenet - soc.genealogy.german - Family history including a German background.

Maintained by Bob Hollopeter. Send mail to: bob(at)hollopeter.com. Please state in your e-mail if I have your permission to use your information on the Hollopeter Genealogy pages.

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